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Wedding, Elopement & Family Photographers, based near Wollongong, NSW.

We’re based on the South Coast, just south of beautiful coastal Wollongong, NSW. We were both born & raised within the Illawarra region and our wedding was held in the area too. It really is such a beautiful part of Australia! We share our lives with our mini dachshund named Winston, who never ceases to bring a smile to our faces and is the cutest distraction!

Lucy is the primary photographer at Translucent Photography, a business which began officially back in 2011. To read more about how her love for photography began, the origin of the name Translucent Photography & more, click here.

We’re a husband and wife team, with all emails, admin, photography, culling, editing, etc. undertaken by both of us, keeping everything in-house. Our office & editing days are fuelled by coffee and laughter. Lucy talks too much and Dean’s the king of witty one-liners. Lucy’s a list-writer & a self-confessed organisational freak which has slightly rubbed off on Dean but nowhere near to the same extent! Lucy’s a chronic procrastinator, always distracted by funny dog videos on social media which she has to immediately share with Dean. Dean is a lot more focused when in the office even with Lucy’s many interruptions for funny dog video viewing (who he also is privy to sharing also!). We play off each others strengths and feel that we really do have the best job in the world - with the best part being that we get to do it together!

fun facts about us


We are a little obsessed with our mini dachshund, Winston


There is no better time of day than sunset, followed by the cotton candy skies of dusk

We don't function without coffee.
Long Black for Dean,Latte forLucy 


New York City holds a special place in our hearts




Candid, Authentic


We believe in creating images that make those who weren't there, feel like they were

It’s an absolute honour to be invited into the lives of our couples to document the most important days of their life, or a special moment in time. We've been asked so often what we love to capture the most, and the answer for us is simple - it's love & joy. The love and blissful moments of newlyweds on their wedding day, the love and laughter amongst a family spending a moment together just being themselves, the love-filled hearts of new parents and their baby.
 Being candid wedding photographers, and capturing these emotions across an array of different sessions keeps the fire for our passion alive.


If you’re looking for images that show who you both are with no awkward poses or expressions - then you’ve come to the 

Your wedding day isn’t a theatre production and we aren’t choreographers. We’re not going to pause a moment for a retake, and we’re not going to ask you take your jacket on & off 4 times so we can catch different angles. Instead, we document moments as they would occur naturally, in real time, occasionally with a little direction.

We’re there to document this moment in time as a time capsule. Encapsulating you both as your most authentic selves, your loved ones, the landscape, the details, the laughs, the tears + everything in between.

We want for your memories to live on for generations, to showcase the time capsule that those moments in time are, full of the love and vibrancy. We want your children, and their children, to be able to be taken back to those moments and feel like they were there. Rather than fading as the years go on, these moments captured will grow with you and continue to be a part of your love story.

right place.

Our investment in your memories

We feel absolutely privileged by every single enquiry that hits our inbox. 
Your wedding day is one of the most intimate, momentous milestones of your lives. Two people, uniting as one. We don’t take this invitation to be a part of such a special moment in your lives together lightly - it truly is such a compliment and means so much to us!
We really invest our time in getting to know you both, your vision for your day & your VIPs. We will do our absolute utmost to immortalise every single element of your wedding day in your photos, even the moments or events that you were completely oblivious to even occurring. 

Our couples aren't just "ANOTHER BOOKING" to us

About You

Hopefully you're here because you love our work

We want you to enquire not only because you love our work, but also because you’re excited about having us as a part of your day! We don’t want to just be your wedding, elopement or family photographers - we want to be some you know and feel comfortable with, that just so happens to know how to document your moments exactly as they should be.

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True Crime Docos

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Marvel Movies


A good laugh


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